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The gorgeous babe is sitting on a wooden chair next to a round dining table. There is a kitchen on the background on her right side. I guess you could say she is showing her age with this outfit. Her shirt is pulled up a little and we can see her left breast with pink nipples. She has a flat stomach with a pierced navel. Her panties are pulled almost all the way down well at least just above the knees but unlike some of the other pictures on this blog she has her legs spread enough for us to see her trimmed pussy. She can sure grow a nice full patch.  She looks absolutely beautiful with her dark hair and make-up.


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Yup this awesome amateur is known for her erotic poses. Gotta love a girl who goes to the gym and keeps her body in perfect shape. She does these artfully and not very racy at that. Here we can see how she does an erotic photo with her eyes closed and her hands up as if she is removing her red and white sports shirt. She has large tits with light colored nipples. She also has flawless skin and a small waist. Hey curvy body eludes feminine and her long black hair is silky and sexy. Katie is a cutie beauty that belongs in a museum not a porn site. Classy nude photos and video of her in her official site.



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standing up next to white curtains. She has her eyes closed, her left hand on her waist and her right hand holding on to the curtain. Like a lot of amateurs this model started slow. First is was just teasing modeling then she did some topless and now she seems comfortable showing off her pussy and this landing strip is in style according to our fashion police. Now we get to appreciate how sexy she truly is. white and black panties are down to her knees and we can see her pussy with a little patch of hair.

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This has got to be one of her earlier photos. Looking like the girl next door with a naughty twist, Our little star is outside posing while holding a pole. Her dark hair is fixed in a braid and her lips are in a semi –pout. She is wearing a camouflage print mini skirt and she is topless. We can see that she has smooth skin and a nice tight young ass.


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This great sexy babe is lying sideways on pink and orange pillows. Her right arm is on her head and her long black hair is messy in a sexy way. She is wearing nothing but a beaded necklace that looks a little tribal with a star plate pendant. Her chunky necklace draws more attention to her large tits with pink nipples. She looks gorgeous with her eyes set this way, looking intently and seductively. Do you find belly rings sexy?  That’s a little treat for those of you that like that, kind of like a cherry on top.

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In this picture she is on a bed with a very cool comforter. She is showing off her skinny legs.  All she needs to do is give her toes a lick for this to become a foot fetish. She has her pink panties pulled down toward her knees but we can’t see her pussy.  That is being teased to us kind of like a strip tease pinup. Her slender legs are raised and crossed and her arms are under her legs for support. Her panties are down to her ankles and she is showing off her feet close enough to tempt us into wanting to suck them.


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posing near a door with one hand on her hair and her right elbow next to the wall and her fingers near her soft lips. She is wearing a black net top and black fishnet stockings with lace trim. Through her top, we can see her sexy stomach and nice curves; also her big perky tits. What we love about her is that she always knows how to turn us on without actually having to do hardcore stuff.


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She is getting ready for a photo shoot. Here, the sexy brunette is standing up with cameras lights and photo shoot set-up in the background. She is wearing a black long-sleeve blouse and fishnet stocking with lace. Her right hand is on her right boob while her ass is next to the wall. Because her back is a little arched, we get to see more of her ass and her pretty pussy.


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The right hand is up across her on head pulling her up black hair. She has a seductive look on her face with make-up that emphasizes on her expressive eyes and nude lips. We can see how flawless and smooth her skin is, even her underarms look wow. Of course, who could forget about those natural big tits of hers right? This is a drop dead gorgeous girl next door type with dark black hair and firm breasts. She has some awesome pink nipples on those perfect boobs.

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She is young but that is good as long as she is over 18 which she clearly is, , fresh and stunning. Her long straight black hair falls below her shoulder, she is wearing a pink flower earring and her mouth is slightly open. She is only wearing a shiny shawl with fringes on her hips to cover her pussy. We can see her big breast and her flat stomach with a navel piercing.